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Give Your Home The Luxury Touch In Small Budget - Kolkata

Updated: Mar 22

The primary funda that you should remember while interior designing your house in Kolkata is that luxury can be attained in small budgets also.

This is specially true for Kolkata.

When we think of luxury, we think of big budgets and extravagant indulgence however that is not even remotely close to the truth.

Luxury is a state of mind set and its all about your choice and your class and you don't need to shell out tons and tons of money.

No matter what your budget is is if you use it wisely you can achieve luxury in that.

When you have a small house you need to smartly design it. And designing a small house can also look and feel like a large house.

Here are the few basic points which you need to remember while making it

1) Go the minimalistic way. You don't need to overcrowd your house with furniture takes the minimalistic approach that will leave you with an ample amount of free space and will not make the house claustrophobic.

2) Make sure that you use a lot of light colours and avoid dark colours. This will keep your home bright and will give the illusion of space. Also, remember to use a lot of reflective surfaces

When you use reflective surfaces it again creates some mental illusion and makes your home appear big and reduces the claustrophobic Ness.

3) You should make tall storage units and tried to make then adjacent to your beds.

4) There are a lot of small things that you can do for example your TV unit should have minimalistic paneling. .

I have been working as an interior designer in Kolkata and have designed a lot of hotels for hotel chains like Oyo etc. Therefore I have a very unique forte in making your home as comfortable as possible.

If you want my recommendation, opt for an interior designer when you are on an budget.. They will charge you a small amount but will help you make the best out of your budget.

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