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How To Learn Interior Designing In Kolkata?

Updated: Mar 22

A lot of people, youngsters mostly, generally ask me that

1) We should do the interior designing course now after corona 2) what is the method of doing interior designing course 3) Which courses are available for interior designing and 4) Is there any scope in interior designing or what is the scope in interior designing? Will it be in demand in future? Is it a good career option? Are they paid well? 5) How much do Interior designers & Decorators get paid? I decided to answer it once and for all. Yes taking the first question whether there is scope for interior designing or not? Of course, there is excellent scope in interior designing at the current situation. Our country is going new officers are coming up every day in New malls are coming up people are trying to spend a lot home loans have gone down so people are now buying new houses. All these require the expertise of an interior designer and decorator in Kolkata. Its 2020 and people are busy in their work schedule like hell so no one has time to design the houses by themselves and would like to outsource. However, if you are coming into the interior designing field thinking that you will become billionaires overnight, that is not going to be the case for sure because you need to give long hours and be dedicated & have the patience to find your first client. The scope of interior designing is there more in metro cities like Pune Mumbai Bangalore Kolkata etc for home because the cities on our expanding and low-cost houses have come into place. In Tier, Two cities interior design services will be more required for offices Bungalows malls etc which are coming up there. And we all know that a single person cannot handle each and everything on their own. Interior designing companies and small interior design firms are going to need higher additional the interior designers in Kolkata under their payroll. Coming to the second question that whether interior designing is done through a non-professional degree or a professional degree?

It can be done through both because ultimately, in the long run, your talent will take you ahead. Professional degrees are available where you can do a bachelors in interior designing, BSc in interior designing, a diploma in interior designing, MSc Major in interior designing or MBA in interior designing can be done. These are available throughout the country through various prestigious colleges and universities so you can try them out. If you are not into the job is and are looking to work individually as an interior designer, what I will suggest is not to spend in elite institutes rather than learn or take a diploma degree from somewhere which is cost-effective and at the same time save the money to spend in other courses which is essential such as a digital marketing course or a brand development course, networking course which will help you market your self. I have done interior design from a reputed college however because I didn't have much of knowledge in the beginning but after that, I have done a lot of other courses such as a search engine optimisation course and digital marketing course. This definitely helped me acquire clients and build a solid brand image not only in Kolkata which is my hometown but across India as well. In Kolkata, bhawanipur college has a good interior designing course. You can also try JD Birla as they have a good interior designing course. Across India, there are a lot of other institutes and you can contact me personally over email or through WhatsApp as my number is given on the website and will help any interior designing student who needs guidance. Coming to the cost of learning interior designing or much does it cost to learn interior designing? - It generally varies from 3 to 7 lacs. My cost of interior designing was around about four and a half lakhs which was roughly in 2012. Now coming to the question of how much does interior designing pay or what is the salary of an interior designer or an interior decorator in kolkata? My first salary was rupees 7000 from there I scaled up to rupees 65000 per month in a period of three and a half years. So the starting salary for an interior designer in Kolkata right now giving the inflation and everything will be close to 10-15 thousand only and how you scale up depends on the kind of talent that you have & the kind of effort that you put in. During my job days, I single-handedly managed 4 to 5 hotels at a time and have roughly build up 16 to 17 hotels till date single-handedly. After 2018, I switched to my firm and since then the sky has been the limit. So summing it up, yes there are professional degrees as well as diploma degree and you can choose any one of them to become a successful interior designer and in the beginning, you should not think much about the amount that you will be earning but try to focus on how to accumulate skill and experience. Once you start doing it, in the long run, you will earn a decent amount through salary in a job or your personal practice. In case if you have any questions just for me a message and I'll try to help you out. You can follow me on Instagram at @interiorsurvii

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