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Hiring An Interior Designer Saves Money - Kolkata

Updated: Mar 22

Whenever you buy a new house or office or decide to redesign, it the first question that comes to your mind if that you should hire an interior designer or you should not.

The most solid reason against hiring an interior designer in Kolkata that comes into our mind is the professional fees that they charge for designing and managing everything so sometimes you wonder that need be it is not worth the price or is it?

The answer is a resounding yes that whenever you hire an interior designer, the professional service pays for itself and saves you a lot of money both in the long and the short run.

Here are the five ways through which an interior designer helps you save money

Number 1 : Trade discounts and network discounts

Interior designer have a huge network among various goods and service providers for home decor & furnishings such as furniture suppliers, laminate suppliers, people dealing with raw materials that are used in defining your house right from marble stockist to wallpaper suppliers. As Interior designer & Decorators works with many clients, they often get trade discount which is passed on to the customer resulting in instant money saving for clients.

Number 2 - Completing work within the budget:

Interior designer have experience of working with a lot of homes and offices & they know exactly the areas where money can be saved and just the right way of doing it without compromising on the quality.

This way they can help you complete your dream home home by designing & decorating it below the budget.

Number 3: Avoiding expensive mistakes

Interior designers due to there huge experience have already seen a lot of the mistakes & they know exactly what can go wrong before they go down and they help you avoid those mistakes.

For example, a few weeks ago, a client hired me mid network project and just before the dishwasher was to be installed I noticed that space which she had allotted would not allowed the door of the dishwasher to completely open up and I immediately informed her to which she agreed and we then changed the position of the the dishwasher. If she had had not hired me, she would have roughly cost around 20,000 in removing the dishwasher and installing it somewhere else.

Point number 4: Reduction of wastage

An interior designer works very efficiently and knows all the tricks in the book to reduce a wastage to a bare minimum level. This helps you save on the cost of raw material and additives leading to sufficient cause savings.

All in all and experienced interior designer can I help you you went approximately 20% of the wastage.

Point number 5: Reduction in long term maintenance

When you get your home design from a professional, they insure that the maintenance cos twill be at a bare minimum level and you won't need to maintain your house over and over again

This helps you save a lot of money in the long run + increase the resale value of your house or office.

Overall, you should definitely hire an interior designer for your projects.

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