Interior Designer For Office

Survi Tibrewal has designed and executed several office projects in the Kolkata.

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The interior design of an office is of paramount importance.  This goes without saying that one must pay good attention the the design of ffice. Office is the place where productivity must be at its pinnacle.  This can only be achieved by an experienced interior designer who pays attention to both form and functionality.

I have designed a lot of offices in around Kolkata such as Saltlake, Sector 5, Rajarhat, Newtown and Central Avenue and as an interior designer for office, I have a clear understanding of the requirement of different type of offices. An IT Office is different than a Chartared accountants office. Similiary an office for a fitness company will differ from an office of a manufacturing or a trading company.

Simply put, all offices have their different requirements and a interior designer for office should understand the nuances of it.

Your office interior designer in Kolkata should provide the following elements in your office:

  1. Entrance Should Be Light And Pleasing. Also, There should be a soe rack outside your office so that shoes don’t lie scattered.

  2. The color and paint of the office should be bright and interesting.  Dull colors generally reduce the efficiency of office.

  3. Proper functionality based furniture’s should be designed. For example, in an IT firm, the desk height should be comfortable an lot of power points should be provided. In case of a CA Firm, sufficient storage should be provided for files and papers.

  4. The design should be maintenance free.

  5. The cabin for the boss should be such that the entire workforce can be viewed from it.

  6. A well thought out designs send a very strong signals to the customers mind.  

If you are in the process of getting your office built or designed in or around Kolkata and looking for an Interior Designer, please feel free to give me a call. I am available at: +918017760976 or click here to WhatsApp: