Interior Designer In Kolkata

I am Survi Tibrewal and I am an interior designer. Well that must be a evident from my website.

I have designed countless projects in Kolkata ranging from Residential projects to hotels, cafes, office & other commercial projects.

1) Interior Designer For Residential Projects In Kolkata: On the residential side, I have designed countless residences across the city ranging from bungalows in Saltlake to to Flats In Alipore, Laketown, Bangur, Haldirams. I have also been a sought after interior designer for duplexes in Bypass, New Town, & South Kolkata. I have also designed a lot of small apartments and budget flats.  One of my best attribute is that I can design beautiful homes irrespective of the budget.

If you have a budget restrain, you should not look for a budget interior designer. What you should look for is a best home interior designer who designs premium homes yet is ready to work in a budget, They are the ones who can design the best homes for you.

2) Best Interior Designer For Office In Kolkata: I have designed interiors of countless offices. One of my primary concern is to boost productivity through my designs. A well designed office is the one that boosts productivity, discipline & prosperity. For this reason I combine the principles of Vastu with my interior designs of office. Further, I have an hands on  of crafting premium offices like law firms, real estate etc and budget offices as well.

3) Interior Designing For Cafes & Restaurants: I have designed various cafes and restaurants. I work with the restaurant owners to create an unique theme which will help in creating publicity. I try to introduce various unique elements which creates a constant buzz on the social media. For Ex, I placed a fake tractor in a dhaba. Now people tend to click pictures with the tractor and share it on Instagram creating a good publicity. Unless I am working with a fine dine restaurant, I try to keep the budget in control. This helps the restaurant and cafe recover its investment or break even quickly.

4) Top Interior Designer In Kolkata For Shops, Showrooms & Boutiques:  I have designed several boutiques in Park Street, Bhawanipur, Elgin Road, Salt lake etc. Very recently, I have finished designing the famous Sindharam Sanwarmal chain across Kolkata. While Designing a store or a showroom, I take care that a shop should look good, prosperous and easily approachable so that customer keeps on coming. The entrance and the display area should be in sync and should accommodate maximum no of shoppers.

5) Interior Designer In Kolkata For Hotels & Guest Houses: I have designed several hotel chains like OYO, MMT etc. The famous Golden Park Hotel is designed by me. Hotels like restruants need to work on durability, flexibility and homeliness along with a usp in design.