Living Room Designing Tips From An Interior Designer In Kolkata

Hi, I am Survi Tibrewal, an interior designer from Kolkata and I am here tell you a few simple design ideas or tips your living room without breaking a sweat

As, we all know living room is a very essential part of a home. For any flats it’s a most important place to live in due to we spend a lot of time there whenever we turn up home but we do stay a lot of time in our living room because we have entertainment channels there like Television, home theatre’s and play stations and many more so we love to spend our time there and also whenever any guests comes up so their eyes also catches the decor of living room first and then the entire home.

So, this place should have the beauty, comfort, entertainment and elegance.

That’s why there are few decor tips that will help you to design or renovate your living room and give a different definition to it and they are as follows:-

* To select right Furniture

* A Focal Point/ Highlighter walls

* Choose perfect colour for the place

* Lightings


Furniture size and style depends on space. Effectively, you should be honest to yourself that according to your space the current furniture is right or not while renovating or designing your living area because every furniture can’t go on every space. If your space is big then you have a lot options like u can go for big sofas, recliners, ottomans and a big centre table. Nowadays, instead of making one big centre table you can always go for nasty centre table that means when used together it is one big centre table but when separated, it can be used as two separate small centre tables in different part of the room if needed. Now, let’s come to small space living area. If your space is cozy or clutter it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a lot of options. Ofcourse, you have but you need to play smartly like always go for larger size rugs because it’s give a space a bigger can also go for ottomans with sofas because ottomans play a 2 in 1 role in this like you can use ottomans as centre table when any guest comes up or you can use as footrest or lower seating when you at home. Use corner furniture to look your space bigger and spacious...

That’s why it’s very important to choose right furniture on right space that gives your living room an other look.


Now you must be thinking that what is a focal point it means a wall which attracts your eyes when you enter the living area is known as a focal point. Nowadays, we used sofa back wall and TV unit wall as a focal point or highlighted wall. Sometimes it feel that it is very stressful to design these walls because it’s a centre of attraction to an eye but today it’s very easy to design these wall because we have a lot option with materials like we have 3D wall panels, charcoal sheet, Mdf boards, stone veneers and etc. So, we can easily design and give a living area a different perspective.


The colour scheme is a key for living room it can make or break the style of the area. So,that’s why you should always go for lighter shades of colour because you already have 1 or 2 wall as highlighter wall or if your highlighter wall is in lighter shades then you can go for darker shade of colour but one should be very careful while going for darker shades because colour gives your living room a clean and sophisticated look.


Lightings depends on natural light and also it is very delicate part because it’s give a finalised look to the room.

Lightings are of 3 types:-

* Direct lightings (LED Panel light/tubelight).

* Indirect lightings (Cove lighting or lighting whose fittings doesn’t appear in eye).

* Accent lightings(lighting to highlight something).

For living room we have to use all this three types of lightings. Doing the perfect combination of these three it’s a big task in itself because the look of the room is decided on lightings. So, it should be done perfectly.