How Interior Designers Building Homes That Fight CORONA

We all are aware COVID-19 novel coronavirus has impacted every aspect of our lives. At the moment more than half of the population of the world have taken shelter at the comfort of their houses.

This has bought in focus a two-pronged set off the problem. The first set problem is that most of the people were never used to stay in their homes for long they did not need to opt for good design others went for heavy design two kinds of people are not very comfortable at home during the lockdown. A lot of stories tell that people have become claustrophobic depressed & Tensed. Simple & minimalist home design removes all these problems by creating an ample amount of space and using mood-elevating colours. The second set of the problem is that when you are at home you are only as safe as your home allows you to be. Close analysis shows that some houses are designed in a way to become corona magnets whereas other houses have been designed to defend any chances of Corona.

I, as an interior designer in Kolkata, have listed things I will be implementing to protect houses that I Design from Corona.


After this COVID-19 case, it is necessary to have your shoe cabinet outside your entrance door in your lobby area that will restrict to enter any bacteria or viruses inside your home. Due, to this situation home deliveries and online shopping, will be very frequently so because of this we can create an open box attached to the shoe cabinet outside the entrance door for package drop-off. So, that you can throw the unneeded packet or stuff outside the home and not bring inside the house.


Accommodating Small offices at home will be necessary as it would be prudent to step outside only when it is extremely important. Since most of the office work will be done from home, it is imperative to have a proper setup. A small space should be converted into an office which will give you complete isolation from the daily hustle-bustle of life and concentrate on the subject at home. With work from home comes video calls and conferences. An office should be designed in such a way that you get a professional background when on a call. Also, there should be the availability of plenty of natural light.


Outside entrance door beside shoe rack we can keep LEG SANITIZER DISPENSER so hands are sanitised. This will keep us safe from the maids and other helping hands which might visit our house.

Secondly, In the washroom, we can use SENSOR LIGHT SYSTEM so that if someone opens the washroom door the sensor will automatically detect and the lights will get on immediately so that no one has to touch anything inside the washroom and they can easily wash their hands first after coming back home. We can use this sensor light everywhere at our homes whether it’s the room or a  kitchen or a living space due to this touching switchboard would be minimised.

 We can use AIR PURIFIERS or AUTO CLEANING MACHINES at our homes. Earlier we used to use this at cafes, hotels and spa but now we can use this technology at our homes to be safe from infections and viruses.

  • Smart Homes & Voice Commands:-

Nowadays, we have a lot of technologies and we were just using those for our easier life but who use to know that one day it will be our need to live our lives safely. Yes, I am talking about SMART SPEAKER WITH ALEXA OR AMAZON ECHO DOT  this will be very helpful to all of us due to this if somebody is alone at home and needs help they can easily ask for it and also if we are staying in a flat on an apartment or a complex so we have to use the buttons of the

elevator this can help us to not to push the button and also we know that so many hands are been put on the doorknobs of our house so this will help us to open the entrance door without touching. This is the reason smart speakers are very important to be at everyone’s home and it can be easily used by everyone.


Greenery and positive vibes are important in this stressful situation or time that is why floral patterns are the best for spring styling like we can use floral pattern on cushion covers, rugs or soft furnishing so that at your home one can get the feeling of greenery and plantation and also they will get the positive vibes from this patterns that we don’t go through anxiety problems while staying at home.

These are just a few of the many things that I will be doing as an interior designer in Kolkata.