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Get to Know Survi Tibrewal - Leading Interior Designer In Kolkata

Survi Tibrewal Is an interior designer based out of Kolkata is known for her practical approach towards designs. Survi Tibrewal is famous as a interior designer for finishing the project on time and much within the stipulated budget of the client. Just click on this link to call her direcly



Survi has an expertise in handling many projects and has been the inspiration behind the designs of many hotels and offices. Her flexibility and humble approach has made Survi Tibrewal household name as a interior designer for homes and flats.


Interior Designer For Hotels


Interior Designer For Homes


Vastu Shastra knowledge is an important and indispensable part  of an Interior Designer. Survi Tibrewal has learnt vastu Shastra in depth. As in interior designer, she is also in a position to attract wealth and prosperity to your house.

Vastu Certified Interior Designer



Avani Oxford Block 4 Lobby 1Flat No 7H 700055 India




Avani Oxford Block 4 Lobby 1Flat No 7H 700055 India

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